Happy Four Twenty

April 20th is the International holiday for the celebration of Marijuana. The origin of this celebration is said to come from a group of California high school students who gathered at 4:20 to smoke pot. One of the teens went on to become a Grateful Dead roadie which eventually lead to the discovery of the practice by the editor of High Times magazine. And the rest is history. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article.

Why do we care? Because Mary, or more specifically Mary Jane, is another of so many slang terms for Marijuana. Why so many? We like this article from Time.com, Why so many names for weed.

4 20 International holiday marijuana

Mary Mary, Where you going to?

Written by Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. The Monkees were a band brought together for a TV series in 1966 and soon became creative artists in their own right. Michael Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz continue to tour as of 2019. The lyrics to the song are about a fellow wanting just to be with Mary. It is interesting to note that other songs written during that time often used the name Mary to represent Marijuana.

Here is a link to the song